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2019-12-27   TAHIACABU label of quality for security and safety in CyberMartialArts   
Birth of the TAHIACABU label of quality, the most important label of quality for tools used in CyberMartialArts.

2019-05-08   Black Belt CyberMartialArts First Prize Won By Abel Franco - France   

The very first Balck Belt CyberMartialArts Prize has been won today by the French inventor Abel Franco for his wonderful fantastic extraordinary inventions, the Clean-Waves patches protecting against all kinds of EMF radiations including 2G,3G,4G,5G,6G,7G radiations- Finally a protection which works well for these toxic waves polluting our environment and harming the health of all living beings. Thank You Abel!!! Timesavers International is proudly supporting and distributing Clean-Waves patches in Oceania after a period of testing during which fantastic results have been observed.
Clean-waves products have the prestigious ¨TAHIACABU¨ label of quality, the top label of quality for a tool in CyberMartialArts.

2015-02-05   CMABMAB>Computers/AI will be smarter than us within 5-10 years from now!   

 Computers/AI will be smarter than us within 5-10 years from now.. they will be able to imitate your voice, your ways of speaking, reacting, thinking, they will be able to pretend to be you perfectly over the phone, can you imagine how it will affect our society?
If the "insane elite" (which behaves as if it owns the world) doesn't destroy the world before then, there will be fantastic adventures to experience..
When Superintelligent AI Arrives, Will Religions Try to Convert It?

2013-07-29   We don't want Free WIFI, we want WIFI Free!   

Very Important: Smart Meters Kill  - Insanely shocking evil attack on all living beings -
Every technology damaging DNA has to be banned asap, for the sake of all living beings on earth, and future generations.
We don't want Free WIFI, we want WIFI Free. 

2013-07-01   "Open Actions" more and more needed every day...    

The world desperately needs "Open Actions", transparency of the actions of the machines we use, their actions and the impacts on the health of all living beings around, and it applies to ALL technologies:
DARPA PM Kathleen Fisher, High Assurance Systems   (9mn)
Very predictable.. in less than 7 years, computers will be smarter than humans and it won't be easy to detect non-humans just by speaking over the phone.. the world will be a lot more complicated than it is today, and unless we implement "Open Actions", the machines will have a huge edge, they will be in a position to take control.. If humans are not taking steps to stay in control of the technology, the machines will.. some intelligent machines will have the power one day to produce 200 Fukushima disasters at once around the world, this is the direction Humanity seems to be taking..



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