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2019-12-27   TAHIACABU label of quality for security and safety in CyberMartialArts   
Birth of the TAHIACABU label of quality, the most important label of quality for tools used in CyberMartialArts.

2019-05-08   Black Belt CyberMartialArts First Prize Won By Abel Franco - France   

The very first Balck Belt CyberMartialArts Prize has been won today by the French inventor Abel Franco for his wonderful fantastic extraordinary inventions, the Clean-Waves patches protecting against all kinds of EMF radiations including 2G,3G,4G,5G,6G,7G radiations- Finally a protection which works well for these toxic waves polluting our environment and harming the health of all living beings. Thank You Abel!!! Timesavers International is proudly supporting and distributing Clean-Waves patches in Oceania after a period of testing during which fantastic results have been observed.
Clean-waves products have the prestigious ¨TAHIACABU¨ label of quality, the top label of quality for a tool in CyberMartialArts.

2015-04-06   CMAYELB> 14 Privacy Rules Online   

How to improve our privacy in a country were privacy is constantly under attack. Read the 14 Privacy rules below.

/\|  <>--

2013-07-29   We don't want Free WIFI, we want WIFI Free!   

Very Important: Smart Meters Kill  - Insanely shocking evil attack on all living beings -
Every technology damaging DNA has to be banned asap, for the sake of all living beings on earth, and future generations.
We don't want Free WIFI, we want WIFI Free. 

2008-05-12   The CMA Tips will continue now in the Members area.   

Read the free CMA tips below to get an idea of what the different CMA belt levels mean. You can continue to read them in the Members area. Joining as a Member is free. 

2008-05-11   CMABLAB>Creative Discovery>Help the Community>What can the black belt CMArtists do?    

The CMA student can improve the default settings of CyberForceField for the benefits of the whole community.
That's that simple. If you think you can help, you are right! 

2008-05-10   CMABROB>Infection>Cleanup Steps>What should you do about an attacking program which is already inside your computer?    

You have a look at the LogFile and you notice a suspicious behaviour of a program, something like:

What should you do about an attacking program which is already inside your computer?

2008-05-06   CMABLUB>Outbound Firewall>Internet Settings>How to build a basic outbound firewall with CFF?    
A "basic outbound firewall" is a firewall controlling at least the list of programs which can have access to the Internet.
You will find that controlling what program can access:
is also controlling the programs which can communicate over the Internet.
By protecting this Registry key NO ACCESS MP1L MP2L UL99 and allowing write access to it for the programs which need to communicate over the Internet (eg browsers and email programs). 

2008-05-01   CMAGREB>Private Files>Safe Rooms>What should you protect the most?    
"What should you protect the most?" is a question you should be asking yourself. If you don't know what is the most precious data, the data the most important to protect and back up, then how do you know if it is protected? How do you know if it hasn't been attacked today, if it hasn't been corrupted or infected yesterday?
If you know where the most precious data is, what have you done to protect it and to detect attacks to it -unlegitimate access-?
Green belt CMA students who haven't protected their most precious data with extra layers of protection shouldn't be Green belt.

2008-04-29   CMAORAB>Understand Logfile Alert>Permission .com files>Can we allow a program to write the file   

You look at the LogFile and you see the following alert:
29-Apr-2008;19:11:03;C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe;Write;C:\Documents and Settings\Username\Application Data\Macromedia\Flash Player\;Administrator;Computer

What should you do about it?
Should you allow your browser (here firefox.exe) to write a dangerous file?
Answer: NO!

.com files are computer codes and represent major risks for the computer. If some website's scripts use ".com" files, it is either an extremely irresponsible and bad practice from the programmers of that site, or it is a clear attack.
To allow your browsers to write .com files is preparing a disaster, it is allowing far too much than what is truly needed.
Attackers love to hide their malicious scripts inside files which look like web addresses such as or
Leave these alerts alone and don't set any permission for them.

2008-04-24   CMAYELB>Recognise Attacks>CFF Logfile>How does a typical web attack look like in the LogFile of CFF?    

A typical attack looks like:
24-Apr-2008;22:56:44;C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe;Write;C:\Documents and Settings\Username\Local Settings\Temp\2oi4hqgf-8862.exe;Administrator;COMPUTERNAME
24-Apr-2008;23:13:36;C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe;Delete;C:\Documents and Settings\Username\Local Settings\Temp\dlshjvlo-9999.exe;Administrator;COMPUTERNAME.

Basically, a program, in those cases the browser "Firefox.exe", is trying to break one of the rules set by CFF, in those cases, it is trying to install executable files in a temporary folder. Usually these files have a random name to confuse antivirus software. 
This is where the majority of attacks get started and therefore the temporary folders need a special careThey must be caged!

Click on More to find out about how to build a cage for a temp folder.

2008-04-19   CMAWHIB>Phishing>Spam>How to Recognise Phishing SPAM?   


Phishing SPAMS are emails asking you to go to a website and try to rob your sensitive passwords from there. You only need to use your common sense to detect them, and make sure you never enter sensitive passwords on sites that are not the "official sites"... You need to know that the address which is shown in the address bar of your browser could be under the control of the scripts (computer codes) of the web page you are looking at. Therefore, it is preferable to TYPE the important addresses requesting sensitive passwords (eg your bank) straight into the address bar of your browser rather than clicking on a link of an email, especially emails requesting you to do an urgent action... 
Click on MORE to see examples.

2008-04-18   Free CyberMartialArts Tips BLOGS starts TODAY!   

Today is the start of our blog "CyberMartialArts Tips" which will help you to develop your knowledge in CyberMartialArts for free.

A CMA belt icon will indicate the CMA level the tip is concerning. If you don't understand the tip, you might need to have done the previous courses to learn the meaning of the words used and what we are referring to.
If the CMA belt level is the lowest and you still have difficulties, you can search the net to find the meaning of the words you don't understand.
Thanks for your feedback.