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2019-12-27   TAHIACABU label of quality for security and safety in CyberMartialArts   
Birth of the TAHIACABU label of quality, the most important label of quality for tools used in CyberMartialArts.

2019-05-08   Black Belt CyberMartialArts First Prize Won By Abel Franco - France   

The very first Balck Belt CyberMartialArts Prize has been won today by the French inventor Abel Franco for his wonderful fantastic extraordinary inventions, the Clean-Waves patches protecting against all kinds of EMF radiations including 2G,3G,4G,5G,6G,7G radiations- Finally a protection which works well for these toxic waves polluting our environment and harming the health of all living beings. Thank You Abel!!! Timesavers International is proudly supporting and distributing Clean-Waves patches in Oceania after a period of testing during which fantastic results have been observed.
Clean-waves products have the prestigious ¨TAHIACABU¨ label of quality, the top label of quality for a tool in CyberMartialArts.

2018-06-18   Prediction   
Simple prediction: the majority of computers using Windows operating system and automatic updates will be infected by computer malware within the next 5 years and will stop working on the same day because of a destructive malware such as a ransomware.

2015-04-06   CMAYELB> 14 Privacy Rules Online   

How to improve our privacy in a country were privacy is constantly under attack. Read the 14 Privacy rules below.

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2015-02-05   CMABMAB>Computers/AI will be smarter than us within 5-10 years from now!   

 Computers/AI will be smarter than us within 5-10 years from now.. they will be able to imitate your voice, your ways of speaking, reacting, thinking, they will be able to pretend to be you perfectly over the phone, can you imagine how it will affect our society?
If the "insane elite" (which behaves as if it owns the world) doesn't destroy the world before then, there will be fantastic adventures to experience..
When Superintelligent AI Arrives, Will Religions Try to Convert It?

2015-02-04   Report about EMF/EMR dangers   

Click on the link "more" below and have a list of important references about the dangers of EMR/EMF radiations! Very Important Issue!!!!

2013-07-29   We don't want Free WIFI, we want WIFI Free!   

Very Important: Smart Meters Kill  - Insanely shocking evil attack on all living beings -
Every technology damaging DNA has to be banned asap, for the sake of all living beings on earth, and future generations.
We don't want Free WIFI, we want WIFI Free. 

2013-07-01   "Open Actions" more and more needed every day...    

The world desperately needs "Open Actions", transparency of the actions of the machines we use, their actions and the impacts on the health of all living beings around, and it applies to ALL technologies:
DARPA PM Kathleen Fisher, High Assurance Systems   (9mn)
Very predictable.. in less than 7 years, computers will be smarter than humans and it won't be easy to detect non-humans just by speaking over the phone.. the world will be a lot more complicated than it is today, and unless we implement "Open Actions", the machines will have a huge edge, they will be in a position to take control.. If humans are not taking steps to stay in control of the technology, the machines will.. some intelligent machines will have the power one day to produce 200 Fukushima disasters at once around the world, this is the direction Humanity seems to be taking..



2010-03-03   Major 'botnet' busted: 13m PCs infected   

 Major 'botnet' busted: 13m PCs infected
Spanish police have arrested three men accused of masterminding one of the biggest computer crimes to date - infecting more than 13 million PCs with a virus that stole credit card numbers and other data. (...)
Mariposa had infected machines in 190 countries in homes, government agencies, schools, more than half of the world's 1000 largest companies and at least 40 big financial institutions, according to two internet security firms that helped Spanish officials crack the ring. (...)
Mariposa was programed to secretly take control of infected machines, recruiting them as "slaves" in an army known as a "botnet." It would steal login credentials and record every key stroke on an infected computer and send the data to a "command and control center," where the ringleaders stored it.
"Basically they were going after anything that would make them money," Davis said. (...)
"Mariposa's the biggest ever to be shut down, but this is only the tip of the iceberg. These things come up constantly," said Mark Rasch, former head of the U.S. Department of Justice computer crimes unit.
He said he suspects there were more than three people behind Mariposa, and that any ringleaders who were not arrested could soon put the network back online."
Source and full article:

2009-09-22   Internet meltdown threat: Conficker worm refuses to turn!   

The brightest minds in technology and government are finding it "almost impossible" to defeat the Conficker worm, which has infected more than 5 million computers and, experts say, could be used to knock down the internet in entire countries.
The worm, first detected in November last year, spreads rapidly to computers through a flaw in the Windows operating system.
Infected machines are co-opted into a "botnet" army, which can be controlled and used by the hackers to launch unprecedented cyber attacks.
"The general agreement in the security world is that Conficker is the largest threat facing us from a cyber crime point of view ... it has proven to be extremely resilient. It's almost impossible to remove," said Rodney Joffe, a director of the Conficker Working Group formed to defeat the worm.
"The best minds in the world have not managed to crack the code behind this yet." (...)"Even a small portion of the infected machines from Conficker have the ability to actually take away the usability of the internet in an entire country like Australia." (...) The worm also spreads automatically between computers on a network and infects machines without the user having to do anything other than switch their computers on. (...) Every time the security gurus feel they are on to a solution, the hackers send a new version of Conficker to the infected machines that stops them in their tracks. (...)"
Source and full article:

2009-09-05   Open Actions and The Fundamental Human Rights   

What is needed for peace online and how can the solutions we have found for peace online help peace in the real world?    VIDEO

Alcy Infinity

2009-06-08   Vision of the Internet Without Open Actions   
Peace in the Cyber World depends on our ability to manage exponentially growing systems with appropriate care, wisdom, intelligence, creativity, awareness & alertness.

Alcy Infinity  

2009-04-29   CFF is 100 times better every year   
Every year, since about 5 years, CFF has been improved drastically. I feel that every year, CFF is 100 times better than the previous year and this year more than ever.

Alcy Infinity 

2009-04-06   Why is CyberForceField so UNIQUE?   
What makes CyberForceField unique in the computer security industry?
Here are the 10 main unique advantages of CFF:
2  CFF doesn't communicate with the Internet.
3  CFF doesn't need updates, upgrades and patches.
4  CFF is a malware repeller and doesn't need the regular scanning of the hard drives.
5  CFF is totally customisable.
6  CFF is very small and consumes very little resources.
7  CyberMartialArts.
8  Protection state.
9  CFF is Multi-users and can protect against attacks at the keyboard.
10  CFF has a good support team online.

2009-01-21   Conficker worm wriggles into millions of computers!   

Conficker worm wriggles into millions of computers!
"A nasty worm has wriggled into millions of computers and continues to spread, leaving security experts wondering whether the attack is a harbinger of evil deeds to come.

US software protection firm F-Secure says a computer worm known as "Conficker" or "Downadup" had infected more than nine million computers by Tuesday and was spreading at a rate of one million machines daily.

The malicious software had yet to do any noticeable damage, prompting debate as to whether it is impotent, waiting to detonate, or a test run by cybercriminals intent on profiting from the weakness in the future. (...)"

Comment of Alcy Infinity and more info below..

2008-11-28   THANK YOU for your testimonials!   
 I want to thank all our customers who take the time to write a testimonial to us!

2008-11-27   Conventional antivirus software efficiency: shockingly dangerous!   

 I read the following news today:
Malware spoofs AVG web site

By Tony Dennis | November 27, 2008

A dangerous new variant of malware is attacking PCs in the UK, hijacking the victim's browser and directing them to a fake site masquerading as AVG's own front page.

" Source: Inews- Australia 

It has inspired me to write a blog about the shockingly dangerous inefficiency of antivirus software which need:
- scanning the drives
- access to the Internet
- keeping users ignorant
- updates, upgrades & patches
- automatic updates

.. the ingredients for large scale cyber disasters!

(click below for more info)    Alcy Infinity

2008-11-07   Viruses can cost you more money than you think...   
Viruses can cost you more money than you think!
Viruses can rob and destroy precious data, and this can lead to astronomical expenses!
The time to repair the damage can be huge too. The stress caused by the damage can be very harmful as well. Personal information collected by the malware could allow someone to steal your Identity and that could be a costly painful experience too.
The hardware can also be damaged or destroyed!!! On top of that, the malware could do even more...

2008-08-31   JAVASCRIPT MALWARE - a new threat!   

Is JAVASCRIPT free of malware?
Answer: NO.
Computer Security Experts thought that a JAVASCRIPT malware was impossible... until now.. Read on..
"(..) With the momentum of Web 2.0 and the changes it portends, the old myth of impossible javascript malware has been busted. This is the evolutionary cycle of every new technology, and with it comes new threats and problems."
Source and full article: SC magazine)

It is important to always stay a student, be always learning, always prepared to learn and always well prepared for the next wave of attacks, and be much more advanced than the attackers in your own field.
If nothing is impossible then it applies to all sides, not only the side of the attackers, but also the side of the defenders. It makes sense to think that it will be much easier soon to defend than attack a computer system as the owners of the computers will have MUCH more control over their machine than the attackers could possibly have. However a complete change of approach is needed for that.
Be ready to learn and enjoy a new stress free Internet!

Alcy Infinity 

2008-08-30   The rise of targeted malware points to CMA and CFF   

The rise of targeted malware confirms that CyberMartialArts with CyberForceField are the future of computer security.
Read this article from SC magazine  
"This is an especially troubling type of malware (...) Protect yourself by employing security that blocks behaviors rather than specific, known malware variations." (Source and full article: SC magazine  )

Isn't it a scream for OPEN ACTIONS?
CFF is your
anti "targeted malware" of choice!

Alcy Infinity