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2019-05-08   Black Belt CyberMartialArts First Prize Won By Abel Franco - France   

The very first Balck Belt CyberMartialArts Prize has been won today by the French inventor Abel Franco for his wonderful fantastic extraordinary inventions, the Clean-Waves patches protecting against all kinds of EMF radiations including 2G,3G,4G,5G,6G,7G radiations- Finally a protection which works well for these toxic waves polluting our environment and harming the health of all living beings. Thank You Abel!!! Timesavers International is proudly supporting and distributing Clean-Waves patches in Oceania after a period of testing during which fantastic results have been observed.
Clean-waves products have the prestigious ¨TAHIACABU¨ label of quality, the top label of quality for a tool in CyberMartialArts.

2018-06-18   Prediction   
Simple prediction: the majority of computers using Windows operating system and automatic updates will be infected by computer malware within the next 5 years and will stop working on the same day because of a destructive malware such as a ransomware.

2015-04-06   CMAYELB> 14 Privacy Rules Online   

How to improve our privacy in a country were privacy is constantly under attack. Read the 14 Privacy rules below.

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2015-02-05   CMABMAB>Computers/AI will be smarter than us within 5-10 years from now!   

 Computers/AI will be smarter than us within 5-10 years from now.. they will be able to imitate your voice, your ways of speaking, reacting, thinking, they will be able to pretend to be you perfectly over the phone, can you imagine how it will affect our society?
If the "insane elite" (which behaves as if it owns the world) doesn't destroy the world before then, there will be fantastic adventures to experience..
When Superintelligent AI Arrives, Will Religions Try to Convert It?

2015-02-04   Report about EMF/EMR dangers   

Click on the link "more" below and have a list of important references about the dangers of EMR/EMF radiations! Very Important Issue!!!!

2013-07-29   We don't want Free WIFI, we want WIFI Free!   

Very Important: Smart Meters Kill  - Insanely shocking evil attack on all living beings -
Every technology damaging DNA has to be banned asap, for the sake of all living beings on earth, and future generations.
We don't want Free WIFI, we want WIFI Free. 

2013-07-01   "Open Actions" more and more needed every day...    

The world desperately needs "Open Actions", transparency of the actions of the machines we use, their actions and the impacts on the health of all living beings around, and it applies to ALL technologies:
DARPA PM Kathleen Fisher, High Assurance Systems   (9mn)
Very predictable.. in less than 7 years, computers will be smarter than humans and it won't be easy to detect non-humans just by speaking over the phone.. the world will be a lot more complicated than it is today, and unless we implement "Open Actions", the machines will have a huge edge, they will be in a position to take control.. If humans are not taking steps to stay in control of the technology, the machines will.. some intelligent machines will have the power one day to produce 200 Fukushima disasters at once around the world, this is the direction Humanity seems to be taking..



2013-06-11   Stats confirm malware built at record rates   

Stats confirm malware built at record rates
...Across the globe, researchers discovered that more than 31 percent of PCs have been seeded with malware,(...)
This attack method allows hackers to infect thousands of computers in just a few minutes...
Source: SCmagazine

2012-10-05   New web attack immediately siphons stolen data   
New web attack immediately siphons stolen data    

Researchers have detected a "new man-in-the-browser" (MITB) attack method that uses malware capable of stealing users bank or other sensitive information entered on websites.
As opposed to traditional MITB scams – where locally-installed malware activates when users visit predefined websites – this technique allows criminals to draw victims' data from an unlimited pool of sites.

2011-09-08   Cybercrime hits Aussies for $4.6b a year - more than burglary, assault combined   

... the study puts the global cost at $US388 billion over the last year. That makes cybercrime bigger than the combined global market for marijuana, cocaine and heroin combined.
Symantec estimates that 4.5 million Australians fell victim to cybercrime last year, suffering $1.8 billion in direct financial losses and a further $2.8 billion in time spent resolving the crime. That totals $4.6 billion. On that basis, cybercrime costs Australia more than the traditional crimes of burglary ($2.2 billion) and assault ($1.4 billion). (...)

Full Article and more info:

2011-08-16   Thousands of privacy breaches going unreported    

Data breaches cost companies about $2 million per incident, according to Symantec, and individuals who lose personal data often become targets of identity fraud and other attacks.(...)

Source and Full article:

2011-06-17   Thousands of Aussie websites exposed in hack attack   

Thousands of Australian websites are vulnerable to being taken over by hackers following a break-in at Australian domain registrar and web host Distribute.IT, security experts say. (...) Some have suggested that the recent hack attacks prove that there is no security and that all systems are vulnerable. MacGibbon and Miller disagreed with this to an extent. (...)
More Info and source:

2011-06-17   Global roaming rorts: Australia third worst    

Australians are being slugged global roaming rates of up to $20 per megabyte with no way of monitoring usage costs charged by the telco until they receive their bill.
A new OECD report released this month analysed pricing plans for 68 operators in 34 OECD countries and found Australia was the third most expensive country in the world when it comes to data roaming, with Aussie travellers paying an average of just under $US12 per MB.(...)
More Info and Source: 

2010-12-14   US Air Force orders ban on removable media   

Senior US Air Force officials have appealed to personnel not to use removable media on any systems residing on the Defense Department's SIPRNET network, in the wake of the latest Wikileaks scandal.
"All Air Force organizations must immediately suspend all SIPRNET data transfer activities on removable media," (..)
Source and full article: SC magazine Australia

2010-12-02   Cyber crime: bigger than the drugs trade, and growing    

Blackwell is among the 65 per cent of the world's two billion internet users estimated to have fallen victim to cyber crime, a trade so lucrative it is thought to be worth several times more than the illegal drugs racket.
"This type of crime permeates all countries, all levels of society."
an identity is stolen every three seconds, with 43 million fake antivirus programmes downloaded every year.
The programme then lets the cyber criminal effectively log users' every keystroke including, potentially, passwords.
"What is most important is your identity and when that is lost on the internet, it could be gone forever."(...)
Source and full article:

2010-11-18   US sees HUGE cyber threat in the future    

The United States faces a major threat in the future from cyber technologies that will require civil-military coordination to shield networks from attack, Defence Secretary Robert Gates said on Tuesday.
"I think there is a huge future threat. And there is a considerable current threat," Gates told The Wall Street Journal CEO Council. "And that's just the reality that we all face."
The US Defence Department estimates that over 100 foreign intelligence organizations have attempted to break into U.S. networks.
Every year, hackers also steal enough data from US government agencies, businesses and universities to fill the US Library of Congress many times over, officials say.(...)"
Source and rest of the article:

2010-10-04   One in three people believe that all websites are equally dangerous   

One in three people believe that all websites are equally dangerous
"(...) Asked "where do you suspect is the greatest danger of malware infection on the internet", 34 per cent said that when it comes to security, all websites are equally dangerous.(...)"
Source: SC magazine Australia

2010-08-29   Antivirus programs only detect 18% of zero-day malware   

(...)The most capable solution on a zero-day detection, according to the report, is F-Secure with 27 per cent of detections, followed by Kaspersky Lab and McAfee with 22 per cent each. Symantec comes next with 21 per cent and Sophos with 20 per cent.
It claimed that as it takes an average of 11.6 days to 'catch up' with malware, and that "users should not rely on the AV industry as their only line of defence".(...)
Source and full article:
SCmagazine Australia

2010-07-29   Cybercrime costs businesses US$3.8 million per year   

Cybercrime costs businesses US$3.8 million per year
"Organisations that were analyzed took 14 days on average to resolve cyberattacks, with the average cost per day totaling US$17,696"

2010-07-29   Android wallpaper app that steals your data was downloaded by millions   

Android wallpaper app that steals your data was downloaded by millions
questionable Android mobile wallpaper app that collects your personal data and sends it to a mysterious site in China, has been downloaded millions of times, according to data unearthed by mobile security firm Lookout.(...)