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2009-09-21   Trust is good, control is better!   
I am a kind of self taught computer illiterate and must confess, I never prided myself with having too much enthusiasm about those machines, albeit I must also confess that without them I would probably spend twice more time in my office doing bookwork. What I do know though is that in the past, I had extremely little viral or bug related problems with these unloved machines when I compare the breakdown rates with those of other people. Now, I also have to say that I extensively use the Internet in my business and being such a mind of little computer knowledge, surely would have fallen prey to some cyber-diseases would it not have been for the excellent protection of CFF. There is no doubt on this fact now that this product does actually work and I have to say that I am pleasantly surprised that I can trust this product even without being a computer expert. The results speak for themselves and as we all know: Trust is good, control is better. Let CFF take control over your computer safety.
Marian Meider
CEO Mieders Well Mac Nuts PTY

2009-07-26   The proof is in the results for me..   

My name is Saul Goodman and I have several internet based businesses and am 90% dependent on a secure computer operating system to earn my income.
I have been very fortunate to have access to CyberForceField for the last 5 years.
In fact I was totally confused about all the other systems out there that are offering great protection etc.
My trust in Alcy's personal integrity was the deciding factor to obtain CFF and the results speak for themselves.
So far I have not had any work interruption because of any type of virus issue since using CFF.
The proof is in the results for me as I am a very practical person.
So even if you are not up to date on all the technical aspects to internet security then I would strongly recommend everyone to have this "set and forget" Internet security product as the No 1 Priority.
I am very much into preventative maintenance products and CFF is the premier product that can help you to "get on with your business" without the possibility that you could be attacked at anytime by viruses etc.
Once again Alcy and your team. I am grateful & in full appreciation to you all.
Saul Goodman
Director -
- Brisbane - Australia -

2009-07-23   Fortunately for me, my computer is protected by CyberForceField.   

In January this year our business experienced a serious virus attack. We weren't the only organisation to suffer ... it was widely reported in the media that a large number of businesses had fallen victim to this virus. The attack prevented most of our technical consultants from using their computers for a full working day, costing us a lot of money in lost billable time.

At the time, all our computers (except mine ... a notebook that travels with me) had installed on them a popular and commonly known virus protection software. All our computers (except mine) were set to automatically update the virus protection each day.

Clearly, the protection failed!

It took well over a month, with numerous periods of down-time, as later versions of the virus protection software were installed on both the servers and the desk-top computers. Even today, I'm not confident that the virus has been eradicated from our servers.

Fortunately for me, my computer is protected by CyberForceField. I noticed nothing! I experienced no evidence of a virus attack and lost no working time.

Chris Stoltz
General Manager Australia

2009-07-22   Essential security software for any home and office PC!   

 I am a full-time I.T. lecturer at Central Queensland University (Gold Coast Campus) for some 8 years. I currently teach Java and C++ Programming at all levels, Database development, Operating systems, Linux Systems Administration and Information Security.

I have been using the CyberForceField (CFF) for about five years and consider it as essential security software for any home and office PC. I have learned with the assistance and expert guidance of Alcy on how to customise the software settings which meet my computer security needs. Since the time of its first use, I have not experienced one case of mal-ware.

I find CFF works very simply and effectively - the program's basic aim is to limit an executable's operation to within its own directory of influence and prevent it from performing any unauthorised write action to other directories. For example, a newly installed CFF with its default settings will prevent an executable file from writing over any files in the WINNT directory. CFF also prevents any software from creating and installing executables - something which some virus progams are capable of. This is obviously a very desirable situation for any computer-internet user; especially when running downloaded programs and files which may have questionable or unknown security issues.

I like the idea that CFF has no need to access the internet itself, like other anti-virus software which need continual updates of their reference libraries. Also, CFF has no need to scan the hard drive, thus eliminating any unnecessary CPU usage - which potentially, may provide savings in power and money.

My present PC in which CFF is installed, is used for constant internet browsing, online banking, purchases and email. Given the sheer volume of malicious software being downloadable from a largely unsecured network, I am very comforted in knowing that CFF is doing its job and working to give me peace of mind. I thank you Alcy, and his development team for the great work in providing a security system that simply works. His ongoing 'CyberMartialArts' training program and developments to CFF reflect the amount of dedication Alcy provides to the computer fraternity.

With my sincerest support in your endeavours,

Hans Telford
Gold Coast - Australia

2009-07-21   Peace of Mind At Last   
As the Manager of a Government funded organisation I regularly use internet banking to pay bills, wages etc. Everytime I used our computers I was worried that some 'cyber-bank robber' would be accessing our details. With the introduction of CyberForceField on our computers I can now relax and know that my company details are safe from prying eyes.
When Alcy and the team came to our office to load CyberForceField they carefully checked every computer and 'cleaned' them up. They did find on one of the computers password detecting spyware which only confirmed my decision to go with a totally reliable and revolutionary computer security system. As a business owner or manager why would you do anything else.
Melissa Hughes
Operations Manager
CONNECT - LISMORE - Australia -

2009-03-28   The best security package for any windows PC by far   
"The best security package for any windows PC by far. Runs like superbly and has the power and potential to protect both your system and network in ways never thought possible. Finally a decent security package that actually works."
Anthony Primiano  - Lismore - Australia

2008-12-07   Once people realise what this program does, they will wish they had heard about it a long time ago.   

I have been using CyberForceField for nearly three years now. In that time it has come a long way. I am really impressed with the support team, and I have learnt so much more about my computer. In three years I haven't had to deal with one attack, so the money I spent was well worth it!

Once people realise what this program does, they will wish they had heard about it a long time ago. There's no more paranoia on the net, no angst about what is happening behind your back, no forking out more money for updates. All attempts to breach security can be seen in the log file. Far out!
Jane Jennings
Glen Innes - Australia

2008-12-02   I simply don't trust ANYTHING else to protect me fully. Full stop!   
In truth, since I have had CFF (18 months) I have never had another anti anything on my computer. I took it to my son on the gold coast once to have it checked out when we first had sat broadband and what a pain in the arse that was.
I wasn't sure whether it was the sat playing up or the computer and Ben my son put a couple of programs through it to check for viruses etc (of couse after I "allowed" him too) and the whole thing was as clean as a whistle.
He was quite surprised that there was not one nasty anywhere and when he asked what antivirus I use I told him none.. I use CFF! 
Truly Alcy I really need CFF because I need to put sensitive (to me) patent information on this computer and I simply don't trust ANYTHING else to protect me fully. Full stop!
So that is why I will wait however long it takes to have you guys sort the 64 bit issues out.
Then again I suppose there are a lot of 64 bit systems popping up all over the place now.
So don't worry mate I'll wait for you to sort it and I know you will. Between you and John anything is possible.
Gary - Darwin
- Australia

2008-11-28   I wish to share a moment with anyone reading this to say how important this product is!   

Most testimonials are written to say how wonderful a product is, I wish to share a moment with anyone reading this to say how important this product is.

I have been at the launch of several .com's during the late 90's and have worked with people at server farms installing security software, network engineers as well as having close friends who work for banks, health services,  oracle and other fortune 500 companies.  With all my experience and safety protocols I was hit by an adware program how it got their well that's another story.  I use MacAfee, Symantec, the google, yahoo pop up blockers spybot etc nothing could remove it! What worried me was the hardrive kept running while I was not using the computer, and my net meter was showing more than normal activity!!

I called timesavers international, reformatted my hardrive, reinstalled from a clean back up within 3 hours I was back to square one, this time downloaded their CyberForceField software and took it for the test drive.  Was I surprised! It was a totally different experience of being able to literally have full control of what is happening to your computer which no other software does.  I know of heavily shark infested waters this time the surfing was a breeze, no pop ups, no unauthorized automatic taking over my machine just plain cruising.  You even start to wonder can you even trust the sites you used to go on.

All I can say it is going to get worse and you have to make a decision now.  Just ask yourself, who would you go with? The person who says yeah you will get shot have your arms & legs blown off but we can always remove the bullet and stitch your hand back on.  Then oops they say we haven't come across this one before wait till we find the answer till then keep limping!! Or would you go with the person who says wear this bullet proof vest, go in this bullet and bomb blast proof vehicle press the CyberForceField button before you go in.

It has been a few days with this trial version, I have no hard drive activity when I am not using the computer which has never happened before, I have new found sense of freedom and safety.  Only once you use it you realize you had a straight jacket on and were thrown in the middle of the ocean with shark infested waters. 

Do spend the time to understand how to use CyberForceField go through the learning curve and this product will give you far lot more than the investment you put into it. Be safe and a special thanks to CyberForceField team for such a revolutionary product that is way ahead of its time both in technology, what it does and can do!

Monai Godwill
New web ventures start up consultant 

2008-11-26   It's like a porche in a world of bicycles!   
"I'm so impressed with CCF! A few years ago, I lost EVERYTHING to a worm. Nothing could be saved at all. I had always thought it would never happen to me. So when I heard about CCF, I was happy to try it. Now it's been 3 years with CFF and I've never had any problems at all. I use internet banking all the time and have never had any security problems. It really is a very very reliable product and superior in design to all the others. It's like a porche in a world of bicycles!"
Harmony - Brisbane 

2008-09-22   THANK YOU to the greatest modern Computer support TEAM!   

A deeply devoted THANK YOU to the greatest modern Computer support TEAM (if there ever was one) CYBERFORCEFIELD. These Guys and their President really have healthy vision for technology and humanity and 5 Stars Customer Service !!! They have not only restored and helped me like no other ever ... sorted out most of my Comp. hard & soft-ware probs. as well as battled with me to destroy Super-Bugs and what-ever else Probs (and there were many) all remotely half way around the earth via Tel & SKYPE....  but thanks to the dedicated Team of  CFF  my personal Laptop Computer has been running reliable and very smoothly for months and months... (and you know how happy that one human can make !!!

As we upgrade our systems for the new company we will surely want CFF to be on our TEAM !!!

by (E)Rick from USA (a small part of the world, not a majority as it proclaims) !
Owner & President of

2008-07-07   My computer has not suffered any ill effects from any virus or spyware!   

I have been using the CyberForceField system for about three years now, and my computer has not suffered any ill effects from any virus or spyware. I don't know of any other product that offers this high degree of protection.
Ricardo Johansson
Brisbane, Australia

2008-06-11   A great product, highly recommended. It seems bulletproof.   
I have been using File Protector/CyberForceField for a few years and have not had any problem with viruses, loggers or any other malware in that time. A great product, highly recommended. It seems bulletproof.
Jonathan Chance
Lismore - Australia

2008-05-31   I love it!   

I'd be delighted to write a testimonial. As you now, we've got CFF on three computers here and we've had no trouble with any virus whatsoever. My old laptop is now used by my wife at home and is still frequently rendered unusable as some unwanted and undetectable activity takes over the computer and renders it useless. I should lash out and install CFF on that again ... because as you know it was a different story completely when we had CFF installed on it.
One of the beautiful things about CFF is that it consumes almost no resources. One of the computers in the office (the desktop) previously had Norton Antivirus installed on it. I hated using that computer because it seemed to me that Norton slowed it down pretty much all the time as it checked every incoming and outgoing email for a virus. In addition, Norton played hell with our network. Now, CFF is invisible and we only remember it's there when we install new software (which is rare).
I love it!

    Best Wishes.

Chris Stoltz
Chief Executive Officer
Geospatial Information Technology Association (Australia & New Zealand)

2008-05-28   I have not spent a cent on computer technical support since purchasing CyberForceField!   

I have not spent a cent on computer technical support since purchasing CyberForceField.  My computer is working just as well as the day it was installed, and I can rely on it now.  My business involves being on-line 24 hours a day, and I can relax now knowing the system will be running perfectly.

I also had problems with my staff spending work time on the internet when I had to leave the office, as I need to in my business.  CyberForceField has stopped this practice and the computers aren't breaking down any more.  I have higher productivity and complete security over my files.

Alex Li, Byron Health Foods Distribution

2008-05-25   I have control back over the teenagers in my family!   
I have control back over the teenagers in my family, thanks to CyberForceField being installed on our computer.  Now they have to ask before they can use the internet, or install a new game, and now they are pleasant again.  The computer has been running fine for ages now, which is a real change for this household, and we have saved a lot of money.
Judith Black, South Lismore, NSW Australia

2008-03-29   It has saved me a lot of time and angst!   
I would not hesitate in recommending CyberForceField to those seeking a secure program for their computer.

Bernie Rose
Easifin - Lismore - Australia

2008-03-29   CyberForceField has the best backup service ever!   

CyberForceField has the best backup service ever!
No long delays, no excuses, just real people answering questions and solving problems. No question was considered stupid and help was given in simple language which even a computer dummy like me could understand.
Thanks CyberForceField for providing total security and outstanding after sale service.

Susan Steel -- A&SFF.
A & S Finance Facilitators

2008-03-15   When it comes to file safety CyberForceField is the king.   

Protecting your computer is vital for your computer and this program is PERFECT for that job. When it comes to file safety CyberForceField is the king. Everyone should have this program.

Computer graphic artist - Adelaide - Australia

2008-03-15   A total Paradigm shift!   

Every now and then a system emerges that completely changes the way we approach issues in a certain area, a total "Paradigm" shift. CyberForceField is undoubtedly this type of system, offering its users an absolutely new method of "Managing and Securing" computer based files and programs, allowing one to experience an online security that previously has not been available and is urgently needed.

The "CyberForceField" revolution puts computer security and program/file management back into the hands of the people, be it for an individual PC owner or multi users in business, education and industry. It is a much needed tool that inspires confidenc control and peace of mind in a very affordable, time saving, user friendly package.

Peter Heaven
CEO, HEAVENET GLOBAL  - Brisbane - Australia

PS: This is one of the most useful and exciting products to enter "Cyber Space" since the launch of the World Wide Web. CyberForceField will have a massive and positive effect globally.