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A Cyber Tsunami is coming!!!

99.99% of computers are very vulnerable today!
The question is: How many Internet disasters will it take for people to understand that the old ways to protect computers are not working?
CyberForceField is needed more and more every day!!!

Just think about how much time and money can be lost because of an attack and you will easily remember to contact your T!ME Authorized Reseller who will help you to make sure that your computer is set for optimum performances and security!

In case of a destructive attack:

How much TIME are you prepared to waste?

How much DATA are you prepared to loose?

How much MONEY are you prepared to spend?

How much STRESS are you prepared to experience?

How much insurance do you really need for the safety of your computer AND computer data?

Why not take control over the security of your computer data once and for all - TODAY?

Why not choose PERMANENT solutions which keep the control in your hands?

It is time to empower yourself with CyberForceField and the tools and life time knowledge to take the full control over the security of your computer data and contribute to building a peaceful cyber world, where attackers have restricted spaces to play with, can be detected quickly, and cannot spread their attacks further to others.

Is there an emergency today?...
YES there is!

Look at the statistics (over 90% of PCs are infected with Spyware) and you will find that the risks have become unmanageable without a totally new approach! The large majority of businesses and individuals have already been equipped with security software for years and it has not prevented regular attacks.

You deserve CyberForceField, the best sharpest cleanest customized protection system NOW! Tomorrow could be too late!!!

Why taking unnecessary risks when the technology to be prepared against very highly dangerous attacks is available now?

>>>>>>> Order CyberForceField today!

Would you fly a plane without a licence or any training?
Our Custom Installation Support Service (CISS) is the essential training you need to be able to pilot your PC safely, from take-off to landing.

Understanding your system is crucial in averting disaster, as is being able to trust your support crew. While Anti-Virus/Anti-Spyware programs are like the scanners used at airports, examining every piece of luggage and passenger boarding the plane, they cannot stop an unruly passenger once the plane has taken-off.

CyberForceField, on the other hand, allows you to monitor what each passenger is doing on the plane and to prevent any undesired behaviour from being fulfilled, while allowing safe, friendly behaviour to continue uninterrupted.

According to you, when is the best time to think about protection?

Think outside the box!
You will notice that the size of the problems is different then.

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