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Why CyberForceField?

To understand the challenges of the computer security industry today, you can view this short flash presentation (~7mn)

What makes CyberForceField Unique today?

  • It has been designed with the Fundamental Human Rights in mind.
  • It is "Open Actions".
  •  It doesn't access the Internet at all. It cannot be corrupted remotely.
  •  It doesn't require updates, upgrades or patches.
  •  It doesn't slow down the computer.
  •  It doesn't spy or scan hard drives.
  •  It doesn't annoy you with unnecessary alerts.
  •  It doesn't become obsolete or ineffective over time.
  •  It does give you full control over the accessibility of all programs and data.

      CyberForceField is revolutionizing computer security by empowering the users and giving them the control of the safety of their computer's data. Bringing long term solutions to a computer world that is rife with viruses, bugs and vulnerabilities, solutions which prove that Security and Peace are achievable in the Cyber World!!!


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