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What is CyberForceField?

 CyberForceField(CFF) is a new generation of innovative security software, a malware repeller, and the most inspiring and revolutionary tool for the protection of computer data for Windows operating systems today. It is unique: it is the first and only security software using Open Actions. Why is it wonderful?

  Why is CyberForceField so much better than any other security software on the market?

  • Because it does work with any kind of threats, in particular NEW THREATS, contrary to just about all competitive software (see how poorly conventional antivirus software respond to new threats at

  • Because it is the FIRST and ONLY security software truly "OPEN ACTIONS" (new concept invented by us and the future of computer security)!

  • Because it empowers YOU for once with the tools and knowledge needed to take real control of the computer data's security. Therefore it can be trusted.

  • Read the main key benefits here, and HUGE advantages over competitive products here. 

    If you think your computer data is already very well protected, read this.

 A New Paradigm in Computer Security
CyberForceField (CFF) has been designed by a visionary Australian inventor, Alcy Infinity, to empower the user with the tools and knowledge necessary to take control over the protection of their files, computer data, from all kinds of known and unknown threats, on Windows 2000, XP, server 2003, Vista operating systems, 7, 8, 32 bits and 64 bits.

CyberForceField is a paradigm shift in computer security software. Take control over your computer; you no longer have to worry about vulnerabilities, bugs, patches (which may introduce bugs as well), and updates. CyberForceField stops your computer's hard drives from being scanned without authorization. CyberForceField stops any program of the computer from accessing your data, without the loss of resources and time used by conventional techniques. In short - this is a product for those interested in a permanent solution.

The more the user learns about CyberForceField and how to use it, the more powerful it becomes. Each new CyberForceField rule adds a new layer of protection which not only protects, but also allows to detect attacks, intrusions, and any attempts to break these rules. The system administrator or CyberForceField super user, can set the rules that programs and users, both local or remote, have to follow concerning access to any file or folder. This is needed to achieve the ultimate security for your system and/or network.



Without CyberForceField, the computer programs (in green on the graphic above) are every day under attacks  (red arrows) and get too often infected before the anti-virus software (or other security software) has been able to detect the attack and when it will be detected, the damage will have probably spread over other programs, the data (shown in yellow on the graphic), local network, peripherals, the Internet.. Even users can be personally targeted by attacks today (ID theft). 

 What is mostly needed is a multi layers protection preventing the programs and most important data to be too easily corrupted, preventing the programs to upgrade themselves without authorisation and become out of control monsters, a system which allows the users to control and monitor what the programs are doing at all times, not during some useless resource consuming scanning sessions, and the protection should be entirely customisable and focused on protecting at least the most important data stored on the computer: Private data
If your computer security software doesn't care about where your private data is, and who can access it, then, how can you expect it to do a proper job at protecting it? 



CyberForceField leads to a complete new era in the Computer Security Industry.

It gives birth to the art of securing a computer with CyberForceField: CyberMartialArts!
CyberForceField is very powerful and whether you are a beginner or an advanced users, you will be able to enjoy with it a level of protection that is considered to be an unattainable dream by the majority of computer "experts" today. 

        Why CyberForceField?

To understand the challenges of the computer security industry today, you can view this short flash presentation (~7mn)

What makes CyberForceField Unique?

  •  It doesn't access the Internet at all.
  •  It doesn't require updates, upgrades or patches.
  •  It doesn't slow down the computer.
  •  It doesn't spy or scan hard drives.
  •  It doesn't annoy you with unnecessary alerts.
  •  It doesn't become obsolete or ineffective over time.
  •  It does give you full control over the accessibility of all programs and data.

Each one of the points mentioned above is a good reason to prefer CyberForceField over competitive products. 

 In short, CyberForceField is revolutionizing computer security by empowering the users and giving them the control of the safety of their computer's data. Bringing long term solutions to a computer world riddled with bugs and vulnerabilities, at a critical time when it is so desperately needed!


What CyberForceField does:

  • Works with Windows XP, 2000, server 2003, Vista, 7, 8 -32 bits and 64 bits OSes - even in safe mode.
  •  Protects any file or folder in a number of powerful ways from existing or future attacks, from known or unknown threats, from computer codes, bugs, viruses, spyware, keyloggers, etc.
  •  Is a computer malware repeller, detects intrusions attempts and prevents them.
  • Protects any program from being modified without the authorization of the users.
  • Allows the users to monitor any program, whether it has bugs or not, without changing it.
  • Protects from local AND remote attacks: mistakes or attacks at the keyboard or remotely through a local network or the Internet.
  • Prevents some unwanted formatting of the hard drives.
  • Prevents the installation of unwanted programs: eg. Viruses, Spyware, Trojans
  • Protects the privacy of the users, by keeping their files private and secure.
  • Protects itself and other existing security programs.
  • Logs alerts, record malicious attempts, and trap malicious software.
    Archives the Log File of alerts manually or automatically, on a local hard drive or another computer through a local network.
  • Works without interfering with any other program which doesn't attempt to do things forbidden by its settings.
  • Empowers the users to choose and understand the protection that they set, which is totally customizable.
  •  Allows safe surfing of the Internet without stress, without worries about Java scripts, active X controls, plug ins, active scripting, etc.
  • Allows you to safely download any file on-line.
  • Monitors changes and protect selected Registry keys that are targeted by Viruses, Trojans and Spyware.
  • Allows multiple users to protect their own files on the same computer.
  • Restricts the ability of the other users when they access selected private folders, files and programs. Control what users of your computer are able to do or not to do. Feel safe when you leave your PC unattended or when you let a guest, friend or child use it.
  • Protects backup folders by making them inaccessible and invisible, fully hidden.
  • Can be taught easily thanks to an on-line learning centre and a smart and powerful user interface. The training includes the tuning of the computer for best performances and some practice of settings for optimal protection.
  •  Has new powerful functions each time a new setting is added, which can replace the work of a security software package. E.g. malware repeller, anti-virus, anti-spyware, anti-bot, anti-rootkit, anti-dialler, anti-worm, anti-keylogger, emails protector, safe installer, application blocker, temporary folders protector/inhibitor, honey pots installer, bug detector/inhibitor, start-up folders guardian, system files anti-corruption agent, anti-Trojan, anti-scanner, sandboxer, password protector, Registry protector, malicious users detector, Operating System Locker, USB protector, VOIP protector, file protector, HIPS, HIDS, etc...  

Key Benefits

The Key benefits of CyberForceField are:

  •  CyberForceField SAVES YOU MONEY!
    CFF IS a much CHEAPER solution than the other smart alternatives available on the market!
    With CFF, you don't need to buy every year anti-virus, anti-Trojans, anti-Keyloggers, anti-rootkits, anti-spyware, anti-worms, anti-bots, anti-dialers, anti-bugs, anti-you name it.. All these costs add up... CFF is currently delivered with 3 years free upgrades and the protection of CFF is not requiring updates and upgrades every day, not even every year!
  •  CyberForceField SAVES YOUR DATA!

     You don't need to rely on an army of programmers to stay up to date with the latest threats, you don't need very vulnerable updating and upgrading systems! You can rely on a tool you can trust as it is not corruptable remotely over the Internet. CFF protects you today against the computer threats of tomorrow.
    Wait, there is more..
  •  CyberForceField REDUCES YOUR STRESS!

    A constant danger that you cannot do anything about can be extremely stressful. Security without control cannot be truly called security can it? If you don't totally control your security software, you only have an illusion of security, a false sense of security. With CFF, What You See Is What You Get. CFF puts back in the hands of the users the control of their computers!
    And there is more...
  •  CyberForceField DEVELOPS YOUR SKILLS!
    CFF is the MAIN TOOL OF CyberMartialArts which teaches you the core problems of computer security, how to detect and recognise an attack and how to react to it. CyberMartialArts, the art of securing computer data, software and hardware would not exist without CFF!
    Wait, there is more...
  •  CyberForceField SAVES YOU TIME!

    You will need far less support than with conventional solutions and if you have a problem, you can actually speak to a computer technician from Timesavers International about it and get an outstanding support compared to what you will receive from most security software companies on the net. 

    And this is just a start...
    CyberForceField is an excellent and wonderful security software!

Example of Malware

Here is a video showing a good example of sophisticated malware
the worm Conficker - (March 09):

Watch CBS Videos Online


The Gardener Analogy

 Imagine a GARDEN

Imagine that Your computer is a Garden.


Files which reside on your computer but CANNOT do anything (non executable files) are the plants which grow in your garden. They sit there and look pretty.


Files which CAN act to change something on your computer (executable files) are the gardeners. They can nurture the plants, prune them, plant new ones, move them, eat them.. They can even burn the whole garden down.


People who sit at the computer (users) are members of the Court. The Royal Court owns the garden, it is exists for it's members benefit. They depend on the gardeners to look after the plants. They do not always know what is going on in their garden. There can be one member or there can be many (single/mutli-users).

There is a hierarchy in the Royal Court (User Levels), with a King or Queen at the top (Administrator, Main User) and lesser members (all other users) below them with lesser privileges, as determined by the King/Queen. This is usually based on the level of trust that the King or Queen has in each member and how they will keep the garden harmonious (maintain system integrity).

 What happens?

Some Gardeners have ulterior motives and do things to damage the garden (eg: viruses), they may even be spies from other lands (Internet, LAN)

Other times it can be a simple mistake or misunderstanding between gardeners not aware of the what the other is doing (conflicting software, configurations)

Members of the Royal Court can enter the garden and cause harm, with or without the intention of doing so (users who can sit at the PC)

Plants don't do anything, but things can be done to them. It is important that these plants are maintained appropriately so that the Garden thrives

Plants can be stolen by bad gardeners and taken to other lands (information theft, trojans)

If the garden is overgrown with weeds and the gardeners are not maintaining it as they should, then the garden can fall into ruin (Crashes, slow speed, data loss)

Each setting of CyberForceField is a robot protecting a part of the Garden, watching over the Plants, Gardeners and even the Royal Court to make sure the garden is not harmed according to the King or Queen's royal decree (settings), therefore allowing the garden to thrive beautifully.