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Revolutionary Idea: OPEN ACTIONS!

You will find people claiming that Linux is more secure than any other operating system because it is "open source", which means that the "source codes" or "the programs" are open for scrutiny to the community of benevolent specialists who have the time to check that the programs are doing what they are supposed to do without hiding something malicious, such as... spyware. It sounds like a good idea! However, in reality, even though most websites are running Linux, the large majority of them are vulnerable to hackers and have actually already been hacked at least once in the past. So may be "Open Source" is not as good as it sounds. Why?
If it is not good enough what is the answer then?

First, it looks like today's hackers have access to so many extremely sophisticated and powerful tools, they are not worrying much about missing the source code when they want to hack into a program and find vulnerabilities in it. If they have the source codes, it just makes their work of finding vulnerabilities much easier. To have the source codes open is helping the good guys to report the problems they find, but it is also helping the bad guys who are not going to report the vulnerabilities they find. With the increase of complexity of software, hardware and systems of communication between software and hardware, programmers can program much faster, but they are building huge structures with insecure foundations and the results are huge sand castles just before the next tide. The winners in the Internet Wide Wild West are the malicious hackers who can invade millions of computers easily, connect them in 'botnets', and use them for a multitude of fraudulent actions including attacking other computers.
If you get a program "open source", do you check that this is really the right "open source". Programs are evolving so fast, upgrading regularly, are you going to check that every upgrade is the one you are supposed to have?
The major issue is: Who has the time to scrutinize the "Open Source" of the computer programs they buy or download? Certainly not the average user! Over 99,9999% of users will have to trust that the program does what it is supposed to do, whether it is open source or not.

Computers are soon, by 2022, going to be smarter than Humans in all areas of knowledge, not only at chess, but at everything the Human mind can achieve, including thinking. They will be extremely powerful. If this power is not harnessed by the users, it could be completely abused of course and lead to a very dramatic future. Super smart but badly programmed computers could one day consider Humans as a threat to their own freedom and development, and they could choose to terminate Human's History to insure their own. This is the scary "Terminator 3" scenario.

At the moment, the users of computers have so little control over their machines, they have no clue about how to check what's going on, what is really happening, what the computer is really sending or receiving, to whom, from whom. They don't know if they can trust their corruptible security software. They are not completely sure that their machine is not already infected by a spyware in a program, in Windows operating system itself or even a hardware somewhere, a microchip on a video card or network card for example.
The users are clueless about what is the most IMPORTANT: the ACTIONS of the existing computer programs in the machine.
Who cares about the open source if we cannot control the actions of our programs? At the end of the day, we don't have to know how a program is made, this can be too time consuming just like we don't know how our television set works. However we have to be in control of the actions of the programs running. Just like we need to control the channels which are being viewed and the sound volume. When I write CONTROL, I mean 100% control. I don't mean control 90% or even 99.9% of the time. How would you react if, when you buy your tv set, you are told "Look,it is equipped with anti-spyware but we cannot guarantee that you will always have the control of it. It might get hacked and show you totally different channels sometimes. There is nothing we can do about it because whatever we do, hackers will find a way around." You would not like it because you take the control of your TV for granted. However, with computers, one has a totally different attitude: you take the lack of control of your computer for granted. This is not a problem when those who have the control of your computer are nice with you and want to help; but it becomes a dramatic problem when those who take the control of your computer have malicious aims, especially if your computer contains important data for the community, and their damage could affect the survival of businesses and even people. This also aplies to computers used for critical infrastructures of nations.
"Open Source" doesn't help at all the user who needs the control of the actions of the computer and not how the computer codes look. The look can be deceptive; it might work differently than it appears. Some parts of codes may be vulnerable for code injections. Only very experienced programmers will have the knowledge to notice the deceptive codes.
What is needed now is not more information about how the programs look, but more info andCONTROL over what the programs are doing; what files they are accessing and how; what files they are sending to the Internet, to where, to whom, why, what data is handled by what programs and how.. The most important ACTIONS concern the handling of private data; what programs can access private files; how; when; by whom.
What is paramount is to have the control of the integrity of the programs
. There is no point having a security software if it can be corrupted easily. You will find that CyberForceField is OPEN ACTIONS!

In the future with Open Actions, when you will download a program from the Internet, you will be able to monitor its actions permanently according to the uses you have for it. You will have the certainty for example, that the game that you have just installed is not going to read your emails, as IT HAS NO CHANCE to read your emails. When you will send an email, only the right recipient will be able to read it. When you will type a key on your keyboard, you will know what program is receiving the information and what is done with it. No program will be able to take a screen shot without your authorization and no program or data will get sent to anyone without your consent. You will have then the CONTROL of the ACTIONS of your computer which will then be completely open to you.
This is OPEN ACTIONS, the future of computer security!

CyberForceField and CyberMartialArts are leading the way towards this extraordinary future which is going to happen sooner than we think, as old ways will have to be abandoned sooner or later.. Old ways are building giant sand castles which are doomed and their collapse is predictable, whether we like it or not.

Alcy Infinity