Presented by the 7POWER7 team

is a variation of Copyleft: which is itself a smart variation of Copyright as it allows copies of contents but still protects the authors.
We have used the Copyleft agreement on Giovanni's Ebono's site to write the following agreement.
Copytop can be summarized with the following formula:

COPYTOP = COPYLEFT + Agreement with the Fundamental Human Rights (*)

(*) FHR as formulated on 7POWER7 website or a website truely representing the opinion of millions of people


Copytop Agreement

You may freely use the content of this site as you see fit as long as you comply with the following conditions.

  1. You must properly attribute the source of that content, identifying the author and the URL from which it has been obtained.
  2. You must not do anything to subsequently limit the use of that content: specifically, you may not claim to have copyright over that content either by
    1. Publishing a copyright notice on the work incorporating that content, or
    2. Imply copyright by incorporating that content into a larger work, eg a book or newspaper which itself claims copyright
  3. You must indicate that the content is protected by the copytop agreement, providing a link to this agreement or the Free Software Foundation's Lesser General Public License.
  4. You must agree with the Fundamental Human Rights as described on 7POWER7 website or a site truely representing the opinion of millions of people.

Should the authors, or their agents, identify a breach of this agreement the parties involved in that breach will be required to

        1. Publish a notice revoking their implied or explicit claim to copyright of the content.
        2. Apologising for the illegal use of the author's intellectual property.
        3. Announcing that no financial compensation has been paid as the attribution of the source and copytop of the article containing the intellectual property are the published conditions of its use.

          Failure to comply with such a request can result in legal action to obtain financial compensation for the illegal use of the intellectual property.

The content of this page is protected by Copytop