Universal Declaration of
by Alcy and Tara Euphoria Infinity,
Founders of
and Ricardo Johansson,
ambassador of the United People Virtual World Government Trust - -
ON 08/08/08

We, the Natural Republican State of the Word, assembled within the United People Virtual World Government Trust that is Of, By, To, For and From the Republican State of the World, for the purpose of recognizing, establishing, and honoring the Fundamental Human Rights within each individual seat of government, hereby Declare:

That Humans have the right to be alive and healthy;

and that no cause of abuse, including threats and blackmail, can ever justify inflicting pain or death on a Human Being, even if the survival of Humanity depended on it; however, each Human Being also has the right to self defense, but NEVER with the intention to harm or kill the aggressor;

and that violent people and murderers most likely have a brain disease and have to be treated with love and compassion instead of hatred and violence; and to guarantee the best possible health for all Humans, care should be taken to assure the high quality of air, water, food, electromagnetic emissions, radiations, sound pollution, shelters, nature and the environment;

That Humans have the right to be free to think, communicate and move;

and that all Humans have the right to move freely and are free to think whatever they want and express their opinions privately or publicly in the way they want as long as it respects the Fundamental Human Rights of others;

That Humans have the Right to be educated and choose their education;

and that children should be taught the Fundamental Human Rights at an early age; and Humans over the age of seven should not be forced to be educated but offered free education and have the right to choose the kind of education they prefer, within those available.






Feel free to use the FHR logo at the top, a Human Being reminding the symbol of peace and balance to show your support to The Fundamental Human Rights and educate others about them!


Humanity desperately needs a global agreement by all on its most important values. The "Human Rights", which have first been known over 200 years ago with the Declaration of Human Rights and improved by the United Nations over 50 years ago, are NOT clear and simple enough.
They are not known enough.
They have been set by a group of people who believed that it was acceptable to harm or kill in the name of Freedom.
They are not respected by most leaders of governements, groups and organisations of the world as you already know.
This is why we need an update which summarizes the most important of the Human Rights which everyone can learn and teach easily. We call them "The Fundamental Human Rights" and can show our support to them by showing the logo above symbolising a Human Being in a position reminding the symbol of peace and balance.
The concept of "Nation" has been used to create conflicts between us, Humans and these conflicts endanger the survival of Humanity right now. There is presently a war between violent people and non violent people, and the only ones who have a chance to win, as small as it might be, are the non violent people as violence only leads towards more violence and the end of life for all on our planet.

Any attempt to breach any of The Fundamental Human Rights should be stopped by anyone who has the power to do so. No order from anyone should be obeyed when they are not respecting The Fundamental Human Rights. Every Human carries the responsibility to respect them and help others to respect them as well, and have to consider them with the highest priority when they evaluate different values to decide an action.
Whatever their Nationality, Race and Religion, Every Human Being is Totally responsible for everything they do even if they are ordered to do so!
Every Human Being is responsible for the respect of THE FUNDAMENTAL HUMAN RIGHTS.

Last update: 7th February 2010

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