FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

This page gives answers to some of the questions you may have about 7POWER7.

Q: Where should I start to learn about 7POWER7?
A: If a member of 7POWER7 has given you the permission to be linked to the network through him/her, then he/she must have given you the most important information you need to know to join the network and understand how it works. The section "Why 7POWER7?" is about how it works (Understanding) and "Home - Join Now" is about how to participate (Act).

Q: Is 7POWER7 a lead generation tool?
A: NO. Leads generation tools are usually for entering in contact with people who have never met us before. 7POWER7 is totally different as it is not creating links with people who don't know each other, it is not meant for that. However, 7POWER7 can help enormously clarify relationships between people relating to important issues circulating in the network, and by facilitating the communication, it helps the circulation of at least the most important information which can affect our lives today.

Q: How can 7POWER7 help me build my network?
A: Whatever the network you are speaking about, 7POWER7 might help you realize that passing the information to the people you already know might be enough to reach a large community of people as long as the information you want to pass on has a lot of value for them of course.

Q: Can 7POWER7 be used for my business?
A: Of course. The only limitations for the information circulating are the ones decided by the members themselves. Each member decides what information is worthwhile passing on or not, and receiving or not, and each member can inform their links about their interests in order for them to filter the junk mail.

Q: How fast can my network grow?
A: It all depends on how responsive the members of the network are. This is why 7POWER is more focused on speed than numbers. In theory, when all members of a group are trained to act fast, networks of huge numbers can be built within hours.

Q: How can 7POWER7 act like a global brain?
A: Each member acts as a neuron inhibiting or passing on information to others. The global brain is already there. However, at the moment, because of very bad values in most educations and cultures, there is a profound disrespect of Human life and the climate of fears and hatred inhibits productive solution oriented communications in a large portion of the population. The Fundamental Human Rights are needed in order to harmonize and facilitate the communications between all of us.

Q: What is Timesavers International Pty Ltd involved with and who are its founders?
A: Briefly, Timesavers International Pty Ltd is committed to supply revolutionary timesaving tools online. 7POWER7 is one of these free fantastic revolutionary products.
Timesavers International is based in Oceania and has been founded by Alcy and Tara Infinity.

Q: Will there be translations of this site in other languages and when?
A: One day in the future, YES.

Q: Could 7POWER7 be used badly and have negative effects?
A: Like every tool, 7POWER7 can be used for good or evil. However, the values spread by 7POWER7 should minimize the chances of evil use and the current 7POWER7 team is very confident that 7POWER7 will bring impressive positive benefits.

Q: What makes 7POWER7 so cool?
A: The Fundamental Human Rights. It is developed by people passionate about saving time.

Q: Why is the goal of 7POWER7 so important for networking?
A: Networking is about receiving and passing on information to people. Fast building networks can only be built between people who ALREADY KNOW EACH OTHER AND can act FAST when necessary. The goal of 7POWER7 is about receiving and passing on information as fast as possible to others and as effortlessly as possible. It also spreads important values for healthy networking relationships: the Fundamental Human Rights.

Q: What is the cost of 7POWER7?
A: It is free. It costs only a little bit of time, a time we spend informing people we love anyway.

Q: If 7POWER7 can be spread OFF-line, why do we need the website then?
A: The website is just to present 7POWER7 to the whole community.

Q: What is the meaning of the drawings of the site with the robot and the 7POWER7 logo?
A: The robot is called CY (see why) and is the mascot of Timesavers International Pty Ltd. The meaning is that science can be used to serve mankind rather than enslave or destroy it.
The 7POWER7 logo shows people united dancing around the world building 2 wheels making the whole world turn in the right direction. Both sides of the world are visible at all times.

Q: How does one join another one of the network unless he or she is invited? 
A: The 7POWER7 team doesn't have the function to create links between people who don't know each other already. People need to be invited to join any of the 7POWER7 network.

Q: What do I miss by not joining 7POWER7?
A: A lot! This tool can help us all to build a better world. If you are not interested to receive and pass on important information to others, then you don't miss anything, as only active participants can contribute to the success of 7POWER7, and therefore benefit from developing it. Ask your 7POWER7 Links (*) about it.

(*) your 7POWER7 Links = The people who are linking you with the other members of the 7POWER7 network. They are also called "your Direct Links" as they are directly linked to you.

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