The GOAL of the 7POWER7 network is:
Build a network of over 1 million people
Within 7 levels
Within 24h

Explanations about the terms used:

"Build a network": 7POWER7 is a networking tool helping people to build networks FAST. We call "network" a group of people connected with a common concept, entity, idea, opinion, philosophy, or anything which differentiates the members of the group from the rest of Humanity. It is a group whose members are connected to each other in a special way. There is no directory available to anyone. All information collected by the 7POWER7 site and tools are strictly confidential and will never be shared nor sold nor given to anyone by the 7POWER7 support team without prior consent of the people involved, and the members agree to communicate their contact details to the people who are linked directly to them and respect their privacy.

"Of over 1 million people": There is no limit for the amount of networks a member can join, and no limit for the amount of links a member can make inside a network.

"Within 7 levels ": Links on the level 1 are the Members we are linked directly to. Links on the level 2 are the other Members who are directly linked to our Links on the level 1, etc. "Within 7 levels" means that there are less than 8 links between the Member initiating the count when he/she joined the network and 1 million people who have made new links in the network within 24h.

"Within 24h"

The benefits of achieving this goal are presented in the section "Why 7POWER7?"
You can understand by reading that section that 7POWER7 is a great useful timesaving tool, an engine facilitating the circulation of information within groups of people.

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