The concept of 7POWER7 has been created and presented on the 31st March 2001 in a room of about 10 people and over 1000 people have heard about it before the 5th of October 2009.. On 5/10/09, a webinar has been organised about it online and a proper count has been organised. The website has been updated and a video has been made to present it on YOUtube on 8/10/09 when the count and the stats below start.

Mankind really needs this tool linking smart people together in peaceful ways in order to solve current important planetary challenges and reduce the chances of chain reactions of hatred, violence and destruction.
It has been created and launched by people who are not afraid of the future and believe that humans of all religions, races, philosophies, languages, can link to each other with Love, Peace and Harmony and build a wonderful world together.

The 7POWER7 site is not controlled by any organisation but by wise individuals who have dedicated their lives and are totally committed to achieving world peace and stopping world hunger.
Every new link is a victory for all members of the network as the power of 7POWER7 resides in the number of people who use it.
Thank you for your interest and participation!

Alcy Infinity
Co Founder of Timesavers International Pty Ltd

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