To understand "WHY 7POWER7?" we will look at how the 7POWER7 network works and then list the benefits of the system.
In the presentation underneath, we will use the word Link with a capital "L" when we speak about a person and "link" without capital "l" when we speak about the link between 2 people.
When 2 people link to each other inside 7POWER7, they create a link TOGETHER, they BOTH agree to pass on information to each other.
When you join 7POWER7, "you agree to do your best to inform the Members you are linked directly with about the subjects that you know are of interest to them and how they can contact you."
And the members find out what these subjects are by communicating to each other.
The immediate benefits for them are an official agreement that exchanges of emails are possible and these emails won't be considered a nuisance or SPAM, and they can inform each other about their interests in order to regularly improve the quality of the contents of the information they share and save time. There is a long list of other benefits due to the power of the network , but first..
Let's look at the mechanics of 7POWER7:

At the beginning, you join the 7POWER7 network thanks to someone, your "Original Link", represented by the circle with the letter "O" inside, like "Original, or "0".
A double arrow is linking you with this person as the information circulates in both directions between you and your "Original Link".
Your original Link is your first "Direct Link", in other words the first 7POWER7 member directly connected to you. You are also a Direct Link for this person. There is no "hierarchy", no "sponsor", no "upline", no "downline", no "pyramid", no "privilege", no "inequality", no "discrimination", no "matrix", no "limits" for the number of links you can create and with whom, no "obligations" and no "qualifications" required other than agree to respect the Fundamental Human Rights. That's right, a breeze of fresh air in the networking industry.

Your original Link is not sponsoring you more than you are sponsoring her/him, this is why we don't use the term "sponsoring". You both agree to be linked to each other inside the network and this link can be cancelled by any of you at any time for any reason.
It is that simple!
Your original Link is already linked to the 7POWER7 network, however we haven't represented these connections on the diagram to simplify it and also only the links made after the original link will count to achieve the current goal of 7POWER7.
There is no limit for the number of links you can create without delay as soon as you are linked to the network! There is no obligation for you to act right away, however, the sooner you act and the more powerful your network will be, as "speed is more important than numbers": If the Links of your network react fast, they will create new links fast and the numbers will grow automatically. And the end result is: You will save a lot of time and efforts building networks by acting fast from the first minute you join! The links are created as soon as there is a mutual agreement to exchange information between you and your Links!
Let's suppose, that you spend the next 3 hours to motivate 7 people to join the network and you link them into 7POWER7 as shown on the diagram..
And you succeed, your 7 contacts have joined 7POWER7 within 3 hours. You have then 7+1=8 Direct Links who are your Links on the "level 1" of your network.
And they have the power to duplicate what you have done!!! They can immediately create new links with other people who qualify as well.
They are ready. They only need to support the Fundamental Human Rights and be invited by you to be part of the network and have the same power as you.
And let's suppose that they succeed as well in creating 7 links each, starting the group A of members of the network you are connected with indirectly.
Also your Original Link continues to be active as well and has had the same success as your other Direct Links and created 7 new links with new members as well within 3h, starting the group B.
After 6h, you have then 49+7=56 Links on the "level 2" of your network.
And your network keeps growing like this, everyone duplicating the success of their Original Link.
After 21 hours, the group A has created 960799 new links when the 7th level reaches 823543 people which is
7**7=7x7x7x7x7x7x7=7 POWER 7
The group B has 137257 new links , the total amount of new links is 1098056 which represents over 1 million people when every new link involves a new person. To create 7 new links within 3 hours and motivate all our Direct Links to duplicate what we have done is achievable.
In practice, the same people can be linked again with someone in the same network and therefore reduce the count, however, some people will make many more than 7 links and increase the count too. Some people will take more than 3 hours to create 7 links, however, each time they create a link, they muscle their networking skills and the next ones can be created faster!
If 7POWER7 was only to have everyone react fast to a specific stimulation, this would be limiting. The amazing benefits of 7POWER7 are HUGE!
Here are the most important BENEFITS:

Timesaving Networking tool:

The networking industry is booming. However, why spending time and energy building new networks from scratch when we could  use the ones we have already built? In the MLM industry, unfortunately, members are often brainwashed to believe that  focusing on 1 network is the only way to succeed. There are so many opportunities from good companies with good products  with genuine intentions to help... which are lost in an ocean of scams. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter to be first to benefit from a product, business or information, what matters is to be informed by people we trust and save time.
7POWER7 multiplies the results from the same initial efforts.
It also helps members to be selective when they create a link AND after. The cancellation of any link can happen at any time, therefore there is no commitment to have to spend time with anyone we have not voluntarily chosen to spend time with.
7POWER7 helps us to create a network with minimal efforts as we are only linking with people we know already and enjoy communicating with already.

Anti Spam communication tool:
A simple solution to avoid wasting time with Spam, at the user level, is to own a domain name and give different email  addresses to our contacts in order to be able to stop easily the email addresses receiving SPAM, which helps us to locate where the SPAM is coming from.
Laws against SPAM are reducing the freedom of the people to communicate over the net. 7POWER7 helps people to link to each  other in such a way that the communication between them cannot be considered as a SPAM. Therefore 7POWER7 protects against  the anti SPAM laws. Also, by informing our Direct Links about our interests, we help them to filter the information we don't  want (=junk mail) before it reaches us.
Also, in the networking industry, passing on business opportunities is often very confusing and generates jealousy, abuse, SPAM, ethical problems when someone is part of a group only for networking purposes, and unfair situations where the information only flows one way like in pyramid schemes. 7POWER7 can help the members organise harmoniously the flow of business opportunities within their existing networks and beyond.

Petition engine:
Petition sites are useful. However, how do you make the petition known? To whom do you pass it on?
7POWER7 is a great tool that can be used by petition sites to pass on the information to the community.
Also, how can we be sure that the signatures collected on the sites doing petitions or surveys are true as no proper  authentication system is in place?
A network can help as it is built through chains of people who, normally, know and trust each other. The more links a Member ID has inside 7POWER7 with trustful people and the more chances there are for the person having this Member ID to be genuine.

New Media:
The Internet is the most fantastic media Humanity has ever had. 7POWER7 is creating an other Internet inside Internet which  could even work without Internet and allow to rebuild Internet from scratch if Internet was put down. Everyone acts as a  server of information, like an Internet Service Provider (company which links us to the Internet) for the most important information which can affect our lives.

NOT a Pyramid nor an old fashion MLM:
No downline, no upline, no sponsor, no limit for new links, free, no hassle, no spam, no feeling to be used to make the  people at the top even richer, no discrimination, no stupid qualifications and rules, no matrix, no obligation to accept new  links, no obligation to keep our existing links, no spill overs, no jealousy, no robbery of downlines, no stress, no risk of not being able to create a link with someone only because another link has been created already by somebody else with this person, no disappointing PRE Launch, no MLM fever "get in now before everyone else", no risk of costly collapsing network, no slow time consuming members area, no unreliable services, no unreliable  products, no madness, no conference calls, no need to speak in public, no monthly or yearly rewards, no lotteries, no money games, no sweat trying to convince people we don't know, no abuse of others, no mess.... no waste of time!

Harmonize relationships:
7POWER7 can harmonize relationship first because of the values circulating in the network and second because it informs  clearly the members about the wishes of their Direct Links. Therefore, the communication is likely to be easier and more  harmonious with less bad feelings of not doing their best to inform properly the people they appreciate.

Global Brain:
Every Human can inhibit or amplify an information received, like a neuron in a human brain. 7POWER7 can help the global brain  of Humanity to function faster and better thanks to its harmonious values and rules. Humanity needs to wake up with peace and  needs all its creative power to overcome the challenges it is facing now.

Can work Off-line, without the Internet:
All what is really needed is to understand how it works and let our Direct Links know how to communicate with us, how  frequently, and the matters we want to be kept informed about.

Immense Flexibility:
The tool can be adapted to the specific networking needs of a specific group. Once the network is built, it can be used to  build other networks faster, sub networks.  

Builds a community of supporters of the Fundamental Human Rights:
Today, many people are using a very advanced technology and a very primitive barbarian mind resulting from an education  deprived from the most important values for the well being of Humanity. To feel hatred against someone  or a population or a race is as absurd and mad than for the cells of the pancreas to wish the destruction of the cells of the  stomach, even if a lot of pain is coming from this area of the body. We have to face the real issues instead of focusing on  imaginary evils: We should all help each other by agreeing on values which can protect the survival of life on earth.
Any lack of respect for Human life is unacceptable for any reason.

Can be used for other planet saving actions:
Many people worldwide are working on tools to unite people together for needed peaceful planetary actions. 7POWER7 can help  these people to link to each other fast.

Fair networking tool:
The networking industry has the tendency to make only a small portion of the population rich and benefiting enormously from the work of plenty others. This is mainly because networkers are encouraged to focus and invest all their efforts on 1 single opportunity, 1 business and 1 source of income. In reality, the more sources of income they have the better for them and for the others as more and more people will benefit enormously from the efforts of the community of networkers who are not limited by unfair rules, and pass on smartly and without wasting time the opportunities they have been given themselves. 7POWER7 helps to share in a more balanced manner the profits of the networking industry.

The benefits above are the primary reasons for the existence of the 7POWER7 network.

Alcy and Tora Infinity
Founders of 7POWER7

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